WNY ATM Sales and Service

Check out what ATM Direct and Amusements has to offer:

Full-Service ATM Distributor

Loading, Installations including cash, Servicing ATMs in Buffalo NY

Variety of Machines

Including Wall-Mounted Units, New EMV Chip Compatible Machines, GenMega 2500 and more.

We Re-Stock For You

And just send you a check, on time every time.

ATM Installation

We involve the customer in the placement process and we strive to provide the best and most visible location for the equipment.

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ATM Load

We load all our equipment ourselves, however, we may have a third-party involved in loading and re-stocking if it makes sense.

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ATM Service

We stand behind our customers with quick and professional responses for any problems.

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ATM Direct and it’s partner Great Productions will bring a package deal of entertainment and ATMs to your location.

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ATM Direct And Amusements | Full-Service ATM Sales and Service WNY

ATM Direct is a full-service ATM distributor that handles clients of all sizes. Our cash machines are perfect for small grocery stores, bars, and high volume gas stations. We customize each contract to fit the customers’ needs and may even partner with them as a loader to maximize profits for both parties. Whatever the case may be ATM Direct is customer-driven and prides ourselves on offering great service.

ATM Direct will help you solve your atm machine needs. If you already have an ATM but it isn’t EMV chip-compliant ATM Direct can help you upgrade your equipment. We service Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and all the towns in between. No location too big or small! Our ATMs are also installed at no additional charge to you the merchant.

We not only service all of our own equipment within 24 hours of a service call, but will service other vendors’ equipment at a fair price.

“A machine not serviced is a machine not productive.” Call ATM Direct and Amusements for a free consultation at 716-609-2260.

Our equipment meets all federal guidelines and is up-to-date. When you receive an ATM from ATM Direct you receive a lifetime warranty and all upgrades are included at no extra charge. We also provide a lifetime supply of paper and we clean and sanitize our equipment. ATM Direct will maintain ownership so there is never any out-of-pocket expenses due to normal maintenance at customers’ location.