Games and Amusements

ATM Direct and Amusements provides a line of amusement equipment that includes pool tables, dart machines, video systems, music systems by iTunes, and many more. We partner with Great Productions (better known as GP Distributors) who has been servicing WNY since the early 80’s when Pac-Man and Space Invaders were at their prime.

ATM Direct can now give you a complete package by satisfying your customers’ hunger for fun with merchandise machines, table-top touch screens, and more. GP Distributors brings many years of experience on how to increase the profits of your entertainment venues.

Due to the competition with hand held games, NYS lottery, and the DWI factor amusements, the landscape of arcade games and amusements has drastically changed. With the decline of videos we have seen increased coin-op revenue by offering the latest equipment on the market for the tight margins of today’s amusement industry.

Please contact us for a no-cost review of your location and how ATM Direct and Amusements can help you increase cash flow.

We offer a variety of high-end machines and video arcade games including pool, darts, golf, skeeball, boxing, pinball, Space Invaders, claw crane arcade game, Key Master, and more. We offer photobooths, like Magazine Me, and also provide digital jukeboxes, including Ami and Touch Tunes.

See a video below on Touch Tunes machines:

Other Amusements