Buffalo ATM Sales and Service

ATM Machine Install

Our installs are clean and neat. We involve the business in the placement process and strive to provide the best and most visible location for the cash machine. We secure all machines with common procedures in the industry and offer wireless options for circumstances where phone lines are not accessible. ATM Direct will even help with security systems and cameras when security is a concern. Peace-of-mind for the customer is important to us and plays a vital role in our installations.

Automatic Teller Machine Loading emv chip reader

We load all our equipment ourselves. Our professional team loads initial installs with cash as well as re-loading machines whenever needed. For customers out of our Buffalo, NY service range we may have a third-party involved in loading and re-stocking if it makes sense. Please ask your representative for options.

Full Service ATM Distributor

We provide 24 hour, 7 days a week, response time. Whether your atm machine needs repairs, re-loading, or upgrading, ATM Direct’s team will be there to help. By 2016 businesses will be liable for identity theft instances if their machines are not EMV chip compatible. ATM Direct is happy to help you upgrade your exisiting system or install a new machine that will be up-to-date with the new standards.

Make Money with an ATM at your Business

Making money with an ATM is simple. We’ll install and load for you and then we write you a commission check each month.

Start making money today with a call to 716-609-2260